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Innovation is an integral part of Petibol under the motto "inventing tomorrow’s solutions today".

We add value to our clients by finding innovative solutions: new applications, technologies and materials.



We try to optimise our creations taking into account the environment (optimising the use of raw materials and reducing consumption) always guaranteeing the best performance of our solutions.

We actively seek new applications for our materials.

raw materials

We seek the best materials to meet our clients' needs.

The close collaboration that we have always maintained with our raw material suppliers allows us to offer our clients the best solutions at all times.


We implement innovative solutions by combining different technologies and materials.

inventing tomorrow’s solutions today


Design, or how to make the very best of the security qualities and aesthetics of eps and epp.


The highly skilled team in Petibol's R&D department has enabled us to become one of the most innovative. Thanks to our partnerships with universities, moulding technical centres and chemical product companies, we regularly set ever-increasing standards.


The constant search for the most innovative processes and technologies allows us to achieve a strong production efficiency.


There is always room for improvement in design, whether if it is a better product or a more effective and economic design process.

We contribute to a green and circular economy. Together with our clients we solve the global challenges.


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